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3 Secrets To "Ethically" Steal Content, Readers, And Reviewers Directly From Author Competitors In Your Niche...
And Then Out Sell Them By Creating More Opportunities Month To Month
This is FREE ( no credit card required )
This is FREE ( no credit card required )
3 Secrets To "Ethically" Steal Content, Readers, And Reviewers Directly From Author Competitors In Your Niche...
3 Secrets To "Ethically" Steal Content, Readers, And Reviewers Directly From Author Competitors In Your Niche...
This is FREE ( no credit card required )
And Then Out Sell Them By Creating More Opportunities Month To Month

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Shaun Hibbs

International Bestselling Author, Founder Of Authors On Fire
3 Secrets Of How You Can "Ethically Steal" Content, Readers And Reviewers From Competitor Authors...
How To Find A $10,000 A Month Book Idea By Ethically Stealing Content From Authors In Your Market In Less Than 5 Minutes…
How To Ethically Steal $100,000’s Worth Of Readers, Reviewers, And Prospects From Competitor Authors In Your Niche, Every Year…
The #1 Dirty Secret Publishers Don't Want You To Know About ( it will put them out of business ) That Produces Consistent, Monthly Royalty Cheques From Your Book
 "Want to have a best seller via Amazon, I recommend reading his book." 
- Kare Anderson, Former Emmy Award Winning NBC & Wall Street Journal Reporter
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From: Shaun Hibbs 
Vancouver, Canada
Have you submitted thousands of query letters to a traditional publisher without any luck? 

Do you believe because you don't have an email list or a social following that you have to go through traditional publishers??

Or because you don't have an MBA, PHD that you can't write, publish and market your book?
Have you've been duped by lying high-level book marketing  experts?
Promising you in their courses, online trainings, books, and live events that you can...
  • ​Write a bestselling book in 24 hours...
  • Make $10,000 a month in passive income...
  • Go from idea to published bestseller in 90 days..
You Can Make Money, Create Impact, And Transform Lives And Build A Business With Your Book
If you understand:
  • Self-publishing online ( Amazon ) is the new world way to make money even without an email list, or social following...
  • The main commodity in the info marketing era being sold is knowledge...
  • ​The $355 million dollar a day information marketing industry is your advantage as an author...
After 6 failed businesses...

And advising students and 100's of top authors in the world like...

Russell Brunson founder of $400 million company...

What I learned helping these top entrepreneur authors is that they do what 99.99% of authors don't...

They "ethically" steal content that sells, readers that buy, and reviewers that drive sales from top competitive authors in their niche online...

Which is part of the reason how they've created impact and built 8, 9, and even 10 figure businesses with their books...Learn how you can "ethically steal" and model the success of top authors in your niche...

And set all this up on the biggest online retailer...Amazon by getting $800 in bonuses FREE by REGISTERING YOUR FREE SPOT NOW...

Join These & Other Successful, Self-Published Authors Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives By Learning From Shaun...
“A practical guide that truly helps you LEARN TODAY and implement tomorrow the very complex process of publishing a book.”— Melissa G Wilson, Wallstreet Journal best selling author 
“A no nonsense direct walk-through on how to maximize and affectively create a decent selling book on Amazon through the KDP program”— Berta 
“I read it because I want to be a more successful author on Amazon”— Fred Fanning
“Shaun Hibbs’ “Top 3 Weird Marketing Secrets Of Bestselling Authors” is a fast, easy read filled with great tips and tools for generating book sales"— CJ Scarlet 
"As a five-time author of books by major publishers and a last ebook via Amazon I only wish I had read this earlier. and, if you too, want to have a best seller via Amazon, I recommend reading his book." 
- Former Emmy Award-Winning NBC and WSJ Reporter
"Shaun Hibbs shows how to research books that are selling well in your genre and use information from those book descriptions to make your book a better seller. I plan to apply his tips to my own book to see if it will sell better." 
- Author and Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies
"I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to make amazon work for them instead of the other way around. "
- Amazon Customer 
"I have published eleven books on Amazon Kindle and spent countless hours learning how to do it and still have a ways to go to be proficient. 

His approach is designed to help you put your new­found formatting, marketing and publicity skills to best advantage. In my opinion, he does an admirable job and helps you progress without missing any steps. I have found new enthusiasm for my efforts in getting my books into the hands or onto the screens of prospective readers. 
- Author, And Retired Psychologist 
As You Can See...
The Knowledge I'm Sharing Has Already Helped Countless Authors
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
Like I mentioned before, this book is free. 

So, you might be wondering "what's the catch?"
I know there are offers online that give you a cool free thing in exchange for your credit card and you get automatically charged every month. This isn't like that, there's no hidden "programs"...

Why do this Then? A couple reasons...
  • A way for me to say thanks for subscribing because unlike other "online experts" I sell 10's of thousands of dollars of books every month for my clients on health, business, relationships, wealth, and more, skin off my back if I give you my best stuff...
  • I'm tired of online BS from bad publishers, agents, and online book marketers promising distribution, marketing, and sales, while most authors sell less than a $1,000 a year in books...
  •  In-fact, the success rates for authors are poor according to NPD Bookscan your success rate to sell over $1,000 a year in books is only 7% while the success rates of authors I help sell well over a $1,000 a month and in a lot of cases, 10's of thousands...
That's why I'm giving you these bonuses fore free. And my book if you don't already have it for FREE!!

I want you to increase your success rates like my clients have by following the simple strategies they've used, to sell more books, and grow their platforms on Amazon, that I've included in this book. 

You need to get your copy now though because this is a limited offer...

Here's why...

We are only giving away a few thousand copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!  
Here's The "Lose My Shirt" Guarantee On The Book
If you don't get one tip or insight that will help you increase sales, or make your next Amazon, I'll give you money! 

In-fact, I'll also send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card! No questions asked ( oh did I mention you aren't even buying anything ) this is simply for registering for the FREE and LIVE webinar....
About Shaun:
Shaun Hibbs is a best-selling author on Amazon, founder of Authors On Fire, and recent YouTube Influencer. Shaun's advised some of the top entrepreneur authors in the world such as Russell Brunson, founder of Clickfunnels, one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in history. Shaun recently launched his book "3 Weird Marketing Secrets Of Successful Authors On Amazon." He helps scale and grow businesses by helping authors build their platforms through self publishing online. Over the last decade he's helped entrepreneur authors, speakers, copywriters, nutritionists, veterinarians, financial advisors, psychotherapists, realtors, hypnotherapists, and every other author and professional in-between.
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  • Amazon Publishing Secrets GUIDE: This is a video COURSE to go from $0-$10k a month selling books through AMAZON Advertising    ( valued at: $399 )
  • ( 6-Week ) Mass Reviews Email List Builder Course: Get the emails, scripts, sequenced steps, and go-to implementation PLAN to get your first 50 REVIEWS on Amazon and Goodreads...( valued at: $399 )
  • ​Free Digital Copy Of My International Bestselling Book "3 Weird Marketing Secrets Of Successful Authors On Amazon":  Learn the dirty little secrets of how to set it all up on Amazon ) ( valued at: $24 )
​Total Value: $822
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and hope you enjoy the free LIVE training and my book and that it helps you with your book, or future book...

Thanks A Million, 
Shaun Hibbs 
Earnings And Legal Disclaimer
Please understand that I’m not implying you’ll get results close to what I’ve been able to do (or do anything for that matter).

I’ve been in business for over 10 years and my results are not typical.

Most people who download this book get the “how to” but never take action with the information. I’m only sharing what has worked for me and my students.

Your results depend on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK.
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